10+ Ways to Increase YouTube Views [Most Effective & Newest]

Increase YouTube Views: Getting lots of viewers is the dream of all content creators on YouTube. Maybe you are one of them. But, how do you do it?

Ways to Increase YouTube Views [Most Effective & Newest]

Don’t worry, there are lots of ways. In this article, you will learn how to increase YouTube viewers, such as:

  • Use an interesting title.
  • Installs popular video metadata.
  • Utilize the features of cards and screens.
  • Collaborating.
  • Promote videos to social media.

And many others..

So what are you waiting for? Come on, watch it until the end!

10+ Best Ways to Increase YouTube Views [2023]

Here are 10+ most effective ways to increase YouTube viewers for you to try:

1. Get to know your channel viewers

Out there, there are many types of viewers. Starting from viewers who like political and educational videos, to those who like comedy videos.

Of course, you won’t target all types of viewers, right? That’s why you need to know who the viewers of your channel are first.

For example, your channel discusses automotive topics. You have to know whether your viewers are interested in two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.

Or, do they watch videos to simply increase their knowledge or to look for references before buying a vehicle?

By understanding their desires, you will know what types of videos they like. But… How do you find out what their interests are?

It’s easy, you just have to look for popular channels that have the same theme as your channel. Look for videos that have a high number of views, meaning that is the type of video that your audience will be interested in.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of your audience, you can look at YouTube Analytics :

Get to know your channel viewers

There, you will know the age range of your audience, where they come from, and the type of device they use.

2. Pay Attention to Trends

Video trends on YouTube will definitely continue to change. For example, a few years ago, maybe you saw many culinary channels making videos about how to make Milo ice cubes or round tofu.

Meanwhile, recently, many culinary channels have created content about Korean garlic bread or Dalgona coffee. There are no lasting trends on YouTube.

That’s why you have to keep updating trends related to your channel. How to? One way is to check Google Trends.

This tool not only displays the level of popularity of a trend. But also popular keywords related to a topic on YouTube.

For example, here are the search results for the topic “recipes”:

From the results, you will know that currently, many people are looking for “cake recipes”, “chicken recipes”, and “bolu recipes” on YouTube.

3. Use an interesting title

When you are looking for a video about how to learn programming, you are faced with two choices, including the video:

As you can guess, you will tend to prefer the second video, right?

That’s natural because the second video has a more interesting title. You can know the benefits of the video just by reading the title.

Meanwhile, the title in the first video seems to be just a formality. There is even less important information for readers to know – namely the date at the beginning of the title.

Therefore, make sure you put an interesting title. Start by writing the benefits of the video in the title.

Oh yes, make sure you avoid clickbait titles! Because the title you display must match the content of the video too.

4. Install Popular Video Metadata

So that your video can appear as a relevant result, you must include the right keywords in the video metadata: such as the title, description, and content of the video.

That way, when your audience searches for videos about a topic, your video will appear in their search results.

For example, let’s say you want to make a video on how to create Facebook Ads. Of course, you need to target keywords that are often searched for, such as “Facebook ads”, “Facebook ads examples”, “Facebook ads tips” and the like.

So, how do you find popular keywords? It’s easy, you just have to search for popular video metadata.

First of all, look for popular videos that have the same topic as your channel. After entering the video, right-click click then select View page source.

After that, search for the word “keywords”, and you will find various keywords used in the video:

These keywords have been proven to be able to make competitors’ videos gain lots of views. So you just have to use it.

But, even if your video uses the same keywords as your competitors, don’t make the exact same video. Always provide added value that is not present in other videos.

5. Sort Videos into Playlists

One thing that makes playlists interesting is the autoplay feature. After finishing watching one video, viewers will be immediately directed to another video automatically.

This is why playlists are needed by the audience. Because they can easily find videos on certain topics in one playlist.

Meanwhile, for channel owners, this is the right way to increase the number of views. Because viewers will not only add views to one video but also to other videos.

As you can see, the channel owner creates playlists based on the car brands being reviewed. So, viewers can easily find it.

You can also do the same thing. Make a playlist containing videos that fall into the same category.

6. Take advantage of the Cards and End Screens features

Cards and End screens are features that YouTube provides to promote videos within videos.

Well, what do you mean?

So, when someone watches a video, the channel owner can promote his other videos in that video. That’s the function of cards and end screens.

Cards are a series of videos that will appear when viewers click the exclamation mark button in the right corner of the video. You can decide for yourself which videos will appear on the cards.

Meanwhile, end screens are a feature that allows you to promote other videos at the end of the video. Examples like this:

Take advantage of the Cards and End Screens features

By utilizing cards and end screens, you can direct viewers to your other videos. This can certainly increase the number of views on your channel gradually.

7. Use Attractive Thumbnails

Apart from putting a video title, you can attract the attention of viewers through a thumbnail.

The thumbnail function is more or less the same as the book cover. Its purpose is to make a first impression on the audience.

The more attractive the thumbnail, the more likely the video is to be clicked. For example, try comparing these thumbnails:

Both videos review the same car. But the first video thumbnail is certainly more tempting to click, right?

Because, in the first thumbnail, viewers can know what they will get in the video. Unlike the second thumbnail which only shows a photo of the car.

But, just like the title, make sure you don’t create a clickbait thumbnail. Because the thumbnail must always be in harmony with the content of the video.

8. Interact with the Audience

One day, you leave a comment on a video. Not long after, the channel owner replied to your comment. Of course, this will keep you coming back to the video, right?

Interaction with the channel owner makes you interested in checking out the channel. Finally, you watch another video.

Indirectly, you have increased the number of views of the channel just because of the reply to the channel owner’s comment.

Well, you can try this strategy too. Reply to comments that appear on your video. Even better if your reply could invite more comments.

But remember, don’t invite audience interaction by writing replies to controversial comments. Even though this method will definitely attract a lot of comments, your channel’s reputation will be at stake.

So, attract audience interaction in a more positive way. For example, by giving a friendly or humorous reply.

9. Collaborate with other channels

Collaboration between YouTubers is not just interaction between friends hanging out. But rather a strategy to exchange viewers.

What is meant by “exchanging viewers”? So, when channel A collaborates with channel B, channel B’s viewers will definitely watch channel A. Vice versa.

That’s why collaboration is a powerful way to increase views. But, make sure you don’t just choose a partner for collaboration!

Choose a channel that suits your content theme. For example, say you want to create content about games, then you can invite popular gaming YouTubers.

So, its popularity can spread to your channel too. But if you can’t collaborate with a popular channel, at least you can collaborate with a channel that has the same number of views as your channel.

10. Promote your video on social media

When promoting videos, don’t just stick to YouTube. You can also rely on other platforms. One of them is social media.

Examples include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Its function is not only to interact with your channel fans but also to inform them about the videos you have just uploaded.

That way, you can get a greater number of views thanks to followers who visit the video.

When promoting videos on social media, make sure your content can inspire followers to watch the video. Because if you just promote the video, they certainly won’t be tempted to visit your video.

11. Make sure the video is interesting

Lastly, of course, you have to make sure the video is interesting! Because no matter how good your efforts are in promoting the video, it won’t mean anything if the video disappoints.

Then… What is the recipe for making interesting YouTube videos?

The answers can vary. It all depends on the theme of your channel and the characteristics of the audience you are targeting.

In essence, if you are able to provide what your audience wants, your video will definitely look interesting.

If you are still confused, try checking popular channels that have the same theme as your channel. Look at how their videos are able to get a high number of views. Is it because the visuals are attractive? Is the content detailed? Or is there another reason?

If you have found the reason, you can apply it to your video using the ATM principle (Observe, Imitate, Modify).

Let’s Start Promoting Your YouTube Videos!

Now you know various ways to increase YouTube viewers. Starting from identifying audience characteristics to promoting videos on social media.

Apart from paying attention to promotions, don’t forget to ensure that the quality of the videos you post is no less interesting!

So, do you want to learn more about tips for promoting videos on YouTube? Please visit the Bitlabs article which discusses 15+ ways to promote YouTube videos.

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