10 Best Ways to Download Instagram Profile Photos [2023]

When using social media like Instagram, sometimes we as users really want to see someone’s profile photo (DP) in a larger size (HD).

Unfortunately, this cannot be done directly in the Instagram application. Instagram itself does not provide a feature that allows users to load, enlarge, or download user profile photos. This is done to maintain the privacy of Instagram users.

But don’t worry, even though Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to load user profile photos, you can do this by installing a third-party downloader application.

Best Ways to Download Instagram Profile Photos

After downloading the profile photo, you can also use several tools to enlarge the image to get maximum results.

If you don’t want to install the application, you can also visit several Instagram downloader sites which you can access via your cellphone or PC browser. And to do all that, you can read the following review.

How to download Instagram profile photos

In loading, enlarging, or downloading Instagram profile photos, there are two methods you can use; with application and without application.

In this article, we explain the two existing methods, you choose the method according to your wishes. If you use an application, you can install the downloader application from the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, without the application, you can access the Instagram DP downloader site from your cellphone or PC browser.

Download IG profile photos with the application

First, you can download your IG profile photo by installing several applications that we recommend below.

1. Insfull

  1. First, please install Insfull first.
  2. Open the application, then enter the username of the Instagram user you want.
  3. Then select the Instagram account that appears in the list.
  4. Now, you can choose the DP size you want to download, whether it is 150×150320×320, or HD.
  5. Tap the “Download” button in the top right corner to save the profile photo to your cellphone gallery.
  6. Finished.

2. Qeek

  1. First, please install Qeek on your cellphone first.
  2. Open the application, then enter your Instagram account username in the search field.
  3. If the username you entered is correct, Qeek will load it for you.
  4. Next, you can tap the photo or tap “Zoom” to download it to your cellphone.
  5. Tap “High Quality” to load the ad and download it for free.
  6. Now, you can tap the “Save” icon in the lower left corner to download the profile photo.
  7. Finished.

3. Download profile for Instagram (HD)

  1. First, install the Download profile for Instagram.
  2. Once successfully installed, you can open the application to start trying it.
  3. You can enter your Instagram account username in the search field.
  4. Then select the Instagram account that appears in the search list.
  5. You can tap “View image in HD” to load your profile photo and
  6. Then tap “Download” to save it to your phone.
  7. Finished.

Download IG profile photos without an application

Next, you can also try downloading IG profile photos without installing the application by accessing the following Instagram downloader sites.

1. InstaDP

  1. First, please access InstaDP from the cellphone or PC browser you are using.
  2. Then enter the user’s username to load the Instagram profile you want.
  3. Next, you can click “Full Size” to see the DP photo in full size.
  4. Click “Download” to save it to your device.
  5. Finished.

2. Tools

  1. Please access Toolzu from the mobile or PC browser you use.
  2. Then enter your username ( @username ) to load the Instagram profile photo you want.
  3. If the username is found, the DP photo will also be visible.
  4. You can click “Download” to save it on your device.
  5. Finished.

3. IGDownloader

  1. Please access IGDownloader from the cellphone or PC browser you are using.
  2. Then enter the IG username to load the profile photo.
  3. If found, the DP will be displayed.
  4. Next, you can click “Download” to save it to your device.
  5. Finished.


Of all the methods we have described above, you can choose the method according to your wishes. All the services we recommend do not require log in or access to your Instagram application, and you can use them freely and completely free of charge.

If you want to download photos easily, without the hassle of ads, you may need to upgrade to premium features. If you have questions or opinions you would like to convey, please write them in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck!

How to view IG profile photos?

You cannot view IG profile photos directly from the Instagram application, you need to install an Instagram downloader application to download and view them offline from your cellphone gallery.

How to save photos or videos from Instagram to the gallery?

You can save photos, videos, IGTV, IG Reels, or Instagram profile photos by installing an Instagram downloader application or accessing Instagram downloader sites which are widely available on the internet.

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